Phoenix First Assembly of God
Testimony 8/2007

Make Your Mess Your Message
Testimony 3/2009

"God gave me a lemon tree in my back yard to remind me that life is full of lemons, but to always make lemonade out of your circumstances."

  "I had a choice to become as bitter as all those lemons  I received or let God work with me and become better."
Video Testimony Part 1
Video Testimony Part 2

This video testimony is provided by Calvary Community Church. The speaking engagement was for the Women's Bible study classes  March 8th and 10th, 2009.

This same speech was also given for Community Church of Joy on March 19th, 2009 and was entitled,
Make Your Mess Your Message.

Bring your mess to God to clean up and make it a message.
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my youtube testimony from phoenix first assembly of god
I stopped eating and began willing myself to die.

"God, if you want me to live, then you have to do something with my life because I can't..."

"When I gave Jesus my broken heart,
He gave me a whole one."

The following video was recorded by Phoenix First Assembly
of God for an illustrated sermon called the Rebounder.

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