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I lay in bed at 90 pounds waiting for death.
My husband was leaving me.
My life was over.
As a stressor, divorce ranks only behind spousal death. With the divorce rate hovering near 40 percent, chances are you or someone you know will experience this devastating event. It’s a wrenching process of separating from someone you’ve loved and reinventing a whole new you.
Angela Chase is here to show you there’s hope. The upheaval of her divorce left her feeling broken, bitter, lonely and unlovable. She struggled with where to live, how to find a job and how to support herself. None of it was easy. But Angela survived and thrived, and so can you.
Through her personal testimony, Angela will help you regain your self-worth and life after divorce. In this emotional memoir, she walks you along the path she followed from despondency to recovery.
With God at her side, Angela learned that her life wasn’t over when her ex-husband left. In fact, she found more meaningful relationships with others and God. Through Angela’s eyes, you can see that you are not a victim—you can let go and create a better future.
Let the sun of your spirit warm your dreams.
Have the courage to follow your heart.
Your dreams are precious gifts; unwrap them today.
Common Place is the home to many caterpillars and is ruled by Commander Critic, who prohibits growth and change. One rebellious caterpillar is about to change everything they know. Natalie embarks on a forbidden journey where she embraces her own identity, discovers the truth that has been hidden from her people, and realizes her destiny. She faces many hardships that develop her character, and she must challenge everyone’s long-held beliefs.
The Confident Butterfly is a fun,
inspirational story for everyone.
Are you ready to become a
Confident Butterfly?
"An amazing story about growth and transformation." Don Ratliff, President/Founder, "YES I CAN" Project 
Fly Butterfly!

Let the sun of your spirit warm your dreams. May the pink buds of hope blossom in everlasting spring.
Have the courage to follow your heart.
Your dreams are precious gifts;
unwrap them today.

Journey through life with confidence.
You were born with a specific
purpose for this life.
Don’t  listen to your critics.
They don’t know you;
they don’t know your true purpose. Chances are, your critics are living small, safe lives and have given up
on their dreams.

Shed your past, and discover your wings. Soar to wherever your spirit leads you, and let your dreams
be your guiding spirits.

If you envision it, you can live it!

Goodnight Publishing
Goodnight Publishing
Have you ever been told You're not good enough? You can't do something? Your current life dictates your future? Do you have a dream but fear is holding you hostage to a commonplace in life? Then this book is for you! After reading the short story, The Confident Butterfly, you'll be guided through a series of exercises that will show you how to overcome your own limiting beliefs and break free of the cocoon of misbeliefs that are currently holding you captive so you can become the butterfly you are intended to become. It's time to believe in you and your dreams! The book includes over 50 exercises to help you find your own answers for discovering your wings. Are you ready to become a confident butterfly?