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Making Lemonade -
A Spiritual Journey Through Pain
and Divorce

Angela's testimony of her journey through pain and divorce, "Making Lemonade" is a beautiful example of how God can bring beauty out of the most discouraging and painful circumstances.  Her story will certainly encourage anyone who reads it.

Leslie Martin (Pastor Mark Martin's wife)
Women's Ministries, Calvary Community Church

Angela's story is inspirational.  A must read for those who have been shipwrecked by the pains of broken relationships.  Through each chapter Angela shares her brokenness and her breakthroughs with authenticity & transparency. You will be inspired and challenged as you see the Lord's footprints holding and securing the broken-hearted close to Him.

Pastor Paul Dietz, Calvary Community Church

Readers of this book will be captivated by the simple honesty of the writing.  It’s apparent that the author is not just telling a story to make a buck. She takes the risk of being totally vulnerable to the reader. In essence, she opens a window to her soul as she shares the devastating physical, psychological, and financial effects of her divorce and her journey from the depths of despair to forgiveness and recovery. She inspires hope in those who are struggling with similar circumstances, not only with her heart-wrenching story but also with practical advice on how they, too, can reclaim their lives.

Angela really is a powerful writer. Perhaps the skeleton of her experience isn’t earth-shatteringly different from that of many others, but the way she tells her story is captivating, and the book is difficult  to put down. 

Sherry P., one of my editors

As I read the book it's as if Angela was speaking right to me, her advice, her pain and her complete understanding about how to get through a broken relationship is astounding. I just ended a relationship that has been over for one year and this book helped me move on with my life and find a new me. All of my thanks goes to God touching Angela and writing this book.

Angela S., reader
What a great new author! I was riveted to Angela's story which keeps you turning the pages to find out how she rose from the ashes of a nasty divorce to learning to enjoy life again and finding a new love. Finding peace within herself and the power to forgive is heartwarming. I think this book appeals to normal, everyday people that find themselves at the bottom of the hill and shows them they too can put one foot in front of the other to reach the top.

M. Cottet, reader

Very, very, good! Very comforting to me, I don't believe I could say anything you wouldn't understand. I love your writing, so real so raw-fully transparent! Thanks for sharing!

Vickie C., Reader

The Confident Butterfly
A Short Story

"An amazing story about growth and transformation."

Don Ratliff, President/Founder, "YES I CAN" Project

"Your book imparts hope and courage. It will uncover life long lies, and it will bring forgiveness as well to those who have hurt people and quenched their potential for whatever reasons. It stirs long forgotten and buried dreams and hopes; it empowers you to try again, believe again, hope again. It opens your perspective and gives you a wider view, clearing up the cloudy areas of thought and belief. It is simply a wonderful, wonderful book! I loved it, I laughed and cried and felt like I was being held by Jesus as I read it. Thank you Angela! I love you!"

Vickie Close

I really enjoyed [The Confident Butterfly]! I think it is a fantastic message.  Such a great gift that God has bestowed on you, to help others believe, dream & see that they are worth more than they ever thought and to dream bigger than they ever imagined. 

Esther Gayfield

The Confident Butterfly is an inspiring little tale with messages galore.  It’s a delightful short read that will leave you smiling and nudge you into taking action to make your own dreams come true.  I highly recommend this book to anyone over the age of ten.  While younger readers may not catch all the nuances, the book will not fail to encourage them toward achieving their own special destiny. 

Sherry Porter

Angela Chase's inspirational book, "The Confident Butterfly", is a story that encourages self-esteem and finding your own identity no matter what the challenges involved.   I  found it to be a cute narrative describing a hunger for wholeness of person or in this case, a caterpillar!

Sharon Tabor-Cottet

Discover Your Wings

By Barbara Watkins "Freelance Reviewer" (Missouri) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)  

This review is from: Discover Your Wings (Paperback)
`Discover Your Wings' by author, 'Angela Dawnell Chase', is a poignant story that will touch the life of everyone that reads it - will not only touch your life, but will change your life. It is for everyone that has ever been persecuted and held back because of another's lack of belief in them. This read is for the little girl who dreams of being a ballerina, but is sadly told it would never happen because she is too awkward and shy.

Reclaim your self-esteem; walk tall with confidence that you can do anything when you accept your own unique abilities. Ignore those around you who insist on holding you back - `Angela Dawnell Chase' gives you the tools you need to succeed and takes you down the path of splendid possibilities with this thought - provoking read.

You might be asking, "What makes Mrs. Chase an expert on such a topic?" She is a Certified Life Coach, and an Ambassador for the `Yes I Can Project' - A wonderful project that teaches our youth and adults how to remove those limiting beliefs, so that they can find the confidence to move forward. I highly recommend this book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing this piece of excellence.

Angela Dawnell Chase is also the author of, `The Confident Butterfly' and `Making Lemonade - A Spiritual Journey Through Pain and Divorce.' Keep and eye on this talented author as she spreads her beautiful butterfly wings and soars high!

By Carra Riley (Williams, Arizona, USA) - This review is from: Discover Your Wings (Paperback)

Angela Chase has written a book that answers the question, Can all Caterpillars fly?
The book is created in a format that allows a freedom to develop new ideas with the interesting characters and really points out lessons that can easily be overlooked.

Parents, friends and neighbors can unknowingly cause people to question their ability to accomplish anything they set their mind to. They ask questions like: Are you good enough? Can you really do anything?
Does your background limit your forward progress?

Angela shares from the heart a story that will inspire the reader and help remove fear from life experiences.
After reading about the confident butterfly, there is a series of exercises that will show how to overcome limiting beliefs and break free of the "cocoon consciousness" that could be holding a person back.

It is great to find out that flying is an option after spending life crawling on the ground.

Carra Riley Author of Cosmic Cow Pie...Connecting The Dots

Natalie is a little caterpillar who daydreams of life beyond the everyday expectations in her leaf-gathering communmity. Through sheer moxie she decides to make her dreams reality and sets off into unknown territory where untold adventures await. Through a happenstance meeting with a beautiful butterfly, Natalie learns what it will take to move into a life far grander than she has imagined. Follow Natalie's courageous journey and then begin a journey of your own into self-discovery that can take you, too, beyond your wildest dreams. Author Angela Chase has provided thought-provoking exercises that will assist you in exploring those beliefs that hold you back so you can break free of their bondage and learn to soar like the butterfly you were meant to become. This book is well worth the price and well worth the investment in time. If you follow in Chase's footsteps, you will indeed discover your wings and come through the experience a more confident, courageous person.

Sherry Porter
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